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Goodbye Mr Clark. Thanks for the shoes. (Shoe Adventure, Part 1)

Mr Clark's masterpiece: the legendary Desert Boot

Just learned that Nathan Clark has died.  Read it  5 minutes ago in a day-old copy of The Globe and Mail.

Nathan Clark was 94 years old and I hope his long life was a happy one because that guy sure made a lot of people happy, including me, by inventing Clark’s Desert Boots.

I never had a pair of Desert Boots but I did have a sister-shoe — the Clark’s Wallabees.  Matter of fact, I wore a brand-new pair of Wallabees to my first day of high school.  I can remember exactly where I was on my 20-minute walk to school when it occurred to me that I was wearing the most comfortable shoes ever.

And you know what?  The sweetness of that memory makes me want to find a pair of those shoes right now, try them on and maybe buy them all over again.  Would my grown-up feet love them as much as my 14-year old feet did?

Let’s find out.

If there’s a pair in my size anywhere in the GTA, I’ll have ‘em on my feet today.



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