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Why I don’t own a pair of Clark’s Desert Boots or Wallabees. (Shoe Adventure, Part 2)

Mr Clark's world-famous nice & practical Desert Boot.











When last we met, I was heading into the consumer heaven that is downtown Toronto to find a pair of Clark’s Desert Boots.

First stop, Walking on a Cloud.  As the name suggests, they carry many, many, many comfy shoes.  Hmm.   I wonder why I didn’t know about this segment of the shoe market ….

Of course, they didn’t have the Desert Boot in my size.  They did, however, have a brand I’d completely forgotten about — the comfy (and not too ugly) Pikolinos.  I bought a pair of these when I moved from Los Angeles.  Those were peep-toe slingbacks, blue leather with cut-outs & embroidery.   Super comfy and pretty enough for Australia, but definitely not LA shoes.

Anyway, I bought a pair of these shoes for Toronto.   After all, it’s summertime, I’m walking around all over the place and there was that mighty disappoint re the Desert Boots.   Btw, these Pikolinos aren’t as nice as my earlier ones but they’ll be fine for Toronto (no way in hell would I wear these in Los Angeles, lol).

Next was The Bay.  Ever heard of it?  Me neither.  Here’s a simple explanation, written in that math-language they taught us back in grade school:

The Bay : Canada   ::   Macys : USA

Thankfully, the Bay’s downtown store is a whole lot better than Macys (including the exceedingly torturous Manhattan Macys).   This downtown Bay is more along the lines of the David Jones and Myers stores on Melbourne’s Bourke Street.  And you know how much money I left on Bourke Street, right?


/remembers Melbourne’s world-class shopping.

Where was I?  That’s right … the Bay at Yonge & Queen, the kind of store where a modern-day Auntie Mame could sell rollerblades at Christmastime and meet herself a millionaire.   They got everything.   And, yup, the Clarks Desert Boots were there.  They had em in 2 colors but, in my size, only in this dark brown ….

The Desert Boots, in some kinda brown color.









And then a familiar thing happened.  I was this close to buying nice practical Desert Boots (not really, didn’t like that dark brown color) and suddenly and I found myself stepping into The Bay’s other shoe department, the designer-wear candy-store they’ve got upstairs, aka The Room.

And this was no ordinary day in The Room — there was a shoe sale in The Room.  Not just any shoe sale, this was a sale that had not yet begun.  They were still putting out the shoes, tables and tables of them, with lots and lots of gorgeous things in my size.

I couldn’t believe my great luck.  Sure, I’d heard of things like this happening to other people but I thought these stories were urban legends.   But, folks, this was no legend.  I had stumbled smack into Brigadoon.  I’d crossed the mountains and was gazing upon Shangri’la.

Only with better shoes …..

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