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When you gotta carry stuff.

Those of you who know the magnificent TingTong will not be surprised to learn … /drumroll …  he sure does love himself some luggage.

All kinds of luggage.

Briefcases / Laptop Bags are the true Holy Grail.  He’s been on that quest for years, has purchased several dozen of the things, each time hoping, exchanging credit card numbers for some new object composed of nylon, kevlar, seatbelt webbing, NASA-grade insulation, and tug-boat toggles.

Time after time I’ve watched that man transfer the tools of his daily life (iPad 2, iPhone, yellow legal pad with extra-thick back-board, various Sensa pens, etc etc)  from the ex-bag (the sad, disappointing thing will begin a new life with a Ting-colleague) to the newfound Grail-bag.  I encourage him in his optimism but deep-down I know, I know, that the bag will be gone within the year.  A more cynical TingTong wouldn’t have taken that bag home even if it had come stuffed fulla moneys .  Why not?  Because the designer didn’t think it through  properly!!  Where’s the instant 1-zip access to the iPad, the money, the keys, the subway tokens, the iPhone, the passport and airline tix,  etc etc?   No, don’t put them all in the same compartment, dammit, that makes no sense at all !!

Well, we’re in Heidelberg Germany today.  The beautiful Schloss waits for us on the mountain-side, wreathed in mist.  Along the gentle Neckar River couples walk hand-in-hand.  Where are we?  Oh, there we are !!  In the luggage store, of course.  We’ll spend a good 2 hours examining every bag, including some magnificent German models.  Today Ting walks away, not completely bagless, but laptop-bagless.

There has been one glorious and unexpected triumph.  It is the grocery-trolley.  Ting loves it.  Will carry it through France, across the Normandy beaches and atop the English Channel to Portsmouth, Bovington, London and, finally, home and to St Lawrence Market for groceries.  He has found the grocery-trolley Grail and, yes, the designer has proportioned it to fit a man’s height — it will not bark his heels.  Not today, not tomorrow.

We are happy.

Original post-date:  June 20, 2011


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