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Kitty Grow-Lamp


Watson & Little Bug enjoy the Lamp, Melbourne Australia

Was looking thru iPhoto tonight, hoping to find a picture of my sister & brother-in-law with their two dogs.  Along the way, I found this picture taken in our second Melbourne apartment.

It is Watson, our Maine-Coon.  He is on his favorite pillow, a furry one named the Mother Pillow.  With Watson, atop the Mother-Pillow, is his favorite toy, Little Red Bug.  Off-camera, the source of the warm orange glow,  is the Kitty Grow-Lamp.

When the heat failed in our apartment, we bought this radiant heat lamp and the whole family clustered around it for warmth.  Winter turned to Spring, of course, and Ting and my need for that lamp diminished.

Not so for the kitties.  They loved that heat-lamp.  Left to their own devices, they’d throw themselves in front of the radiant heat and toast themselves 24/7.

Ting and I wondered if this might be harmful — might this be the precursor to feline spontaneous combustion?  We developed a rationing system based on frequent hand-to-fur temperature readings.  At a certain temperature, the lamp would be turned off.

Watson, aka The Great Communicator, made it quite clear that he disliked our intervention.  His ‘No heat-lamp, No peace’ campaign was relentless, irresistible and, usually, successful.

How successful?


I confess.  For a while, even as Spring turned to Summer, we did run the air conditioner to compensate.


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