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True Stories

I wake up screaming.

I’m not kidding, I really did wake up screaming.  It happened just about 20 minutes ago.  And it wasn’t one of those low moaning semi-waking cries for help that sometimes happen when you’re running from zombies.

This was, in Ting’s words, a full-on blood-curdling scream.

My throat still hurts from the effort.

Ting just came into the kitchen and said it again.  ‘Wow.  I’ve never heard you or anyone wake up in a full-throated long and drawn-out bloody scream.  What were you dreaming?’

Here it is ….

I’d just realized the bus had left without me — I was stuck at Unnamed Former Employer (UFE) without my passport.  The prospect of being trapped in this place was such that I turned to the person standing next to me (Larry, the RL head of UFE’s IT department) for help.  He smiled.  And then I turned back, looked at the empty road that stretched across a dry red desert and I screamed.

Now, kiddies, let’s put this in perspective.

In RL, I really am stuck here.   In RL, however, I got no bus, no road, no nothing.

So, am I actually trapped in a waking nightmare?

Please discuss.  I’m open to your comments, advice, counsel, etc…


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