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Editor’s Notes on ‘Our Favorite Canadian.’

Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy.

To say that the selection of Our Favorite Canadian (OFC) has been difficult, well, that would be one helluva understatement.  It’s been a 3-week drama featuring non-stop bickering and petty treachery.

There are, of course, many people to thank, some of whom actually deserve the recognition.  However, a number of these people notified us via their attorneys that they do not want their names associated with this fiasco.  As a courtesy to these individuals, and their pricey legal teams, we will keep the grats oblique and minimal.

First of all, we are immensely grateful to our very distinguished Panel of Judges for even considering linking their Very Famous Celebrity Names to this endeavour.  We thank them most sincerely for their time and energy and willingness to drop lawsuits.

We’re also obliged to acknowledge the Hello Hotspur interns who promised to work like m@therf#ckers on this project, only to abandon it at the first indication of blackmail.

And one more thing.  We want to assure everyone that we do not actually know Mr Genest, aka Zombie Boy.  We do, however, admire him from a very respectful distance.  As far as we know, Zombie Boy is blissfully unaware of Hello Hotspur and/or Our Favorite Canadian.

Of course, readers with access to Zombie Boy’s contact info are welcome to tell him the good news.


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