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WooHoo! We choose Our Favorite Canadian.












I keep running into Zombie Boy — and in the greatest places.  Recent encounters have been related to favorites like Thierry Mugler, a Lady Gaga video and, more generally, body art & mods and zombies.

That’s right, I said it:  I’m pro-zombie.   Gaming readers hip to Borderlands and its astoundingly great DLC  “The Zombie Island of Dr Ned” will not be surprised.  And btw,  if you’ve ever been ganked in Tichondrius by Xgirlfriend, lol, you’ve met my zombie toon.

Not a gamer?   (Hey, I’m not here to judge anyone’s choice of recreational activity.)   In any case, those of you who still read books should definitely check out World War Z.  Even zombie-haters will love this piece of greatness.  And, fyi, you better read it quick because Hollywood is making it into a movie and God only knows how that’s going to turn out.

Anyway, the big news is we’ve finally found someone worthy of the title Our Favorite Canadian.

We’ve been living in Canada for what seems like an eternity but has been, in actuality, only 22 months, 18 days and 7 hours.  In this time, I’ve met a lot of Canadians.  Seriously, this place is full of them.  They’re on TV, radio, news, etc.  They even have their own politicians up here.

And I have found Canadians I like.  The magnificent Ryan, a fine young son of PEI, is an excellent example.  So is he Our Favorite Canadian calibre?  Probably.  However, we didn’t want to disrupt his life with the white-hot fame that’s sure to accompany OFC status.

So Ryan dodges the OFC bullet, lol.  This year anyway.  Instead, we’re choosing his arch-rival, the celebrity-saavy Zombie Boy.

Don’t know Zombie Boy?  Well, it’s about time.  Start with this Dermablend video . . .


Clearly, Zombie Boy is totally unafraid to make a real commitment in life.   He is Rick Genest, a 26-year old from Montreal (I’m told this city is still part of Canada).    His uber tats?   They are the work of body artist Frank Lewis who works out of Montreal’s Derm F/X

Want more?  Check out Zombie Boy’s website.  Or read about him tabloid-style, courtesy of The Daily Mail.


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