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The lost blogpost is recovered!

This is Part 3 of ‘Goodbye Mr Clark, Thanks for the Shoes.”   Links to parts 1 & 2 appear at the end of this post.

A shopper searches The Bay's designer shoe sale.


Remember that scene in Aladdin where they find the hidden treasure?
They sing.  They dance.  It’s a whole Busby Berkeley production.

You wanna know what’s better?

Being the first person to discover an as-yet-unannounced shoe sale in The Room.

Go ahead and laugh.
Tell yourself that you wouldn’t be impressed, that you’d walk away.

Because I’m here to tell you otherwise.

You heard me.  I don’t care how many pairs of shoes you own, you would not walk away.
Like me, you’d spend the next 3 hours slipping your feet in and out of shoes, asking yourself over and over:

   How many of these beauties can I afford?
Would Ting notice if I bought 7 or 9 pairs?

 Oh yes.  Ting would notice.

And, with that, I’m reminded of a friend whose husband was capable of noticing such shopping excess and keeping his temper.

She is an exceptionally beautiful woman I knew in Los Angeles.  Someone who lives a very passionate life on a fabulous scale, a woman who can have anything she wants. Carrie Bradshaw and a whole staff of screenwriters couldn’t imagine Stacy’s closet and the incredible clothes and shoes and coats and scarves and handbags contained therein.

Shopping with a friend like Stacy is not just a lot of fun, it’s a party.

Remember when the Manolo Blahnik work-boot came out?  It was a riff on the yellow Timberland workboot.  I think it was called ‘The Tim.”
(Omg, can you believe I actually remember the name of a shoe I haven’t seen in a thousand years?!)

Well, women went completely nuts for that shoe.   It was the unattainable object that women desired but could not buy because every pair was sold before it even arrived in-store. Believe me, if the impossible happened and you were lucky enough to spot that shoe, you bought it.   Not your size?  Who cares?!  It’ll fit your ‘ friend!  And if she can’t afford it, you could put it on eBay and turn a crazy profit!

Well, right at the peak of the Manolo Tim-boot frenzy, I spent the day with Stacy.  She picked me up in her brand-new Mercedes convertible, lol,  and said she needed to stop at Neiman Marcus.   Her third pair of those precious shoes had arrived.  She was close to completing her set.

You heard me.  I said she was getting close to completing her set of Manolo Blahnik Tim-Boots … all of them, every color.

Yes, Stacy had the yellow ones in her closet and the pink ones were on her feet.  The blue ones were waiting for her at Neiman’s.

Anyway, Stacy loved shoes, all kinds of beautiful things.  And she was no snob.  And she loved a sale.

Surprised?  Think a gorgeous child of Beverly Hills doesn’t like to save money?  Doesn’t want the thrill of discovery?  Doesn’t dream of gazing upon a shoe-y Shangri–la?

Well, I can assure you:  Stacy would have been delighted with The Room and the shoes and the sale.
And I’m sure she would have talked me into buying this sexy pair of navy patent leather heels from maison martin margiela.
Maybe the black leather pumps, too.

Navy patent leather MMM heels,

Black leather MMM pumps.

Link to Episode 1 — Goodbye Mr Clark.  Thanks for the shoes.

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