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As so the writing has begun ….

Butterfly Hat.

I’m off and running on my 30-day book-a-thon.  Days 1 and 2 were good and surprisingly free of angst and drama.  I’m definitely hitting my words-per-day target.  What’s not clear it whether I can cover all the key plot-points  in 30 days.  An uncomfortable piece of self-awareness is creeping closer and closer.  If I’m gonna get the story told, I may have to relinquish my love of telling aspects of the story via detail, descriptions, character interactions, etc.  My task-master self (TMS) has always seen this as a self-indulgent habit akin to procrastination.  No surprise, then, to learn that TMS has been feeding table-scraps to that particular self-awareness and letting it sleep on the couch when I’m not home ….


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