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Occupy Faculty Council.


Say what you will about Canadians, protesting is taken super-seriously up here.

For weeks now, there has been only one topic of conversation in Toronto — the Occupy Bay Street protest and the razor-sharp views of its participants.  In the eyes of many Canadians, the protesters’ clear-eyed critiques of the Canadian economic and social structure, along with a set of brilliant public policy solutions, have inspired a rebirth of national pride and optimism — something they call ‘The Canadian Fall.’

That is, until last week when the city was stunned  by the now-famous Occupy Bay Street Hot-Soup Incident.

Keith Beaty, Toronto Star, 15 October 2011

That incident caused in Toronto’s middle-class to question whether or not the much-celebrated ‘Canadian Fall’ was anything more than idealistic rhetoric and/or cynical media hype.

Well, in any case, things remain on a knife’s edge here in Toronto.

Today, the big talk around St. James Park is about the renewed ideological in-fighting within the movement’s leadership.   This morning there are unsubstantiated rumors that a splinter group calling itself ‘Occupy Faculty Council’ intends to march to the University of Toronto campus and, perhaps, occupy today’s meeting of the RSM Faculty Council.

Hello Hotspur does not believe there is any truth in this rumor — unlike the movement’s other activities, this idea makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But, then again, Hello Hotspur didn’t believe something like the Hot-Soup Incident could possibly happen here and we let that story pass unreported.  Never again.

So, to anyone who might be thinking of attending and/or protesting Faculty Council, we just wanna say —  keep it peaceful and please, please be careful up there.


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