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Finally, a really good movie…

Saw Tomas Alfredson’s  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy this weekend and, omg, at last!, a movie I thoroughly loved. Confession time:  I haven’t read the book or seen its Alec Guinness version, although I have tried to read and watch them.  Never could get into them. But now, having seen the 2011 version, I’m hot to read […]

A Girl and Her Tanks …. this is ‘The Big Red One’

Watched ‘The Big Red One’ last night.  If you love the movies like I do, you’ve got to see this. Visually, this film is a thing of real beauty.  Check out, for example, the scene that introduces Lee Marvin’s Nazi counterpart.  Not only is it gorgeous to look at, the guy hasn’t gotten to the […]

Occupy Faculty Council.

  Say what you will about Canadians, protesting is taken super-seriously up here. For weeks now, there has been only one topic of conversation in Toronto — the Occupy Bay Street protest and the razor-sharp views of its participants.  In the eyes of many Canadians, the protesters’ clear-eyed critiques of the Canadian economic and social […]

I wake up screaming.

I’m not kidding, I really did wake up screaming.  It happened just about 20 minutes ago.  And it wasn’t one of those low moaning semi-waking cries for help that sometimes happen when you’re running from zombies. This was, in Ting’s words, a full-on blood-curdling scream. My throat still hurts from the effort. Ting just came […]


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