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A mystery is solved.

I spoke with a friend the other day;  we haven’t seen each other since Los Angeles.  She’s moved to St Louis, so we talked about her new city (a great one, imo) and reminisced about the one we’d loved and left behind. I didn’t say much about Toronto.  It was a dark and rainy afternoon; […]

Occupy Faculty Council.

  Say what you will about Canadians, protesting is taken super-seriously up here. For weeks now, there has been only one topic of conversation in Toronto — the Occupy Bay Street protest and the razor-sharp views of its participants.  In the eyes of many Canadians, the protesters’ clear-eyed critiques of the Canadian economic and social […]

WooHoo! We choose Our Favorite Canadian.

                      I keep running into Zombie Boy — and in the greatest places.  Recent encounters have been related to favorites like Thierry Mugler, a Lady Gaga video and, more generally, body art & mods and zombies. That’s right, I said it:  I’m pro-zombie.   Gaming readers […]

Editor’s Notes on ‘Our Favorite Canadian.’

To say that the selection of Our Favorite Canadian (OFC) has been difficult, well, that would be one helluva understatement.  It’s been a 3-week drama featuring non-stop bickering and petty treachery. There are, of course, many people to thank, some of whom actually deserve the recognition.  However, a number of these people notified us via […]

LuckyGirl victorious following bitter 4-hour smackdown at Toronto’s AGO Member Room

LuckyGirl, seeking productive workspace for next month’s NaMoWriMo, arrived at Toronto’s AGO at exactly 11:00 this morning.  Having made her way thru the subway and streetcar system, she approached her destination with what can only be described as grit and determination.  There was writing to be done this day and, dammit, she was going to […]


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