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Finally, a really good movie…

Saw Tomas Alfredson’s  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy this weekend and, omg, at last!, a movie I thoroughly loved. Confession time:  I haven’t read the book or seen its Alec Guinness version, although I have tried to read and watch them.  Never could get into them. But now, having seen the 2011 version, I’m hot to read […]

A Girl and Her Tanks …. this is ‘The Big Red One’

Watched ‘The Big Red One’ last night.  If you love the movies like I do, you’ve got to see this. Visually, this film is a thing of real beauty.  Check out, for example, the scene that introduces Lee Marvin’s Nazi counterpart.  Not only is it gorgeous to look at, the guy hasn’t gotten to the […]

A brief history of motorcycle girl-gear

Note:  the links and pics in this posting are off-line atm … will reload them this weekend…. Take a look at this photo and tell me what you see.  I can see three things. A gorgeous red Harley on the PCH. A set of nice Vanson leathers on LuckyGirl. An awful white helmet. Eeesh.  How […]

Roman women got Roman numbers.

There are so many interesting things to think about.  How does anyone ever fall asleep? Well, I’m one lucky girl.  Every night the amazing TingTong reads to me.  Fifteen minutes is usually enough to free my mind of whatever thing I’ve been pondering.  It’s a bedtime 
sleight-of-hand, a misdirection that tricks my brain into letting […]


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