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The lost blogpost is recovered!

This is Part 3 of ‘Goodbye Mr Clark, Thanks for the Shoes.”   Links to parts 1 & 2 appear at the end of this post.   Remember that scene in Aladdin where they find the hidden treasure? They sing.  They dance.  It’s a whole Busby Berkeley production. You wanna know what’s better? Being the first […]

When you gotta carry stuff.

Those of you who know the magnificent TingTong will not be surprised to learn … /drumroll …  he sure does love himself some luggage. All kinds of luggage. Briefcases / Laptop Bags are the true Holy Grail.  He’s been on that quest for years, has purchased several dozen of the things, each time hoping, exchanging […]

Why I don’t own a pair of Clark’s Desert Boots or Wallabees. (Shoe Adventure, Part 2)

                    When last we met, I was heading into the consumer heaven that is downtown Toronto to find a pair of Clark’s Desert Boots. First stop, Walking on a Cloud.  As the name suggests, they carry many, many, many comfy shoes.  Hmm.   I wonder why I […]

Goodbye Mr Clark. Thanks for the shoes. (Shoe Adventure, Part 1)

Just learned that Nathan Clark has died.  Read it  5 minutes ago in a day-old copy of The Globe and Mail. Nathan Clark was 94 years old and I hope his long life was a happy one because that guy sure made a lot of people happy, including me, by inventing Clark’s Desert Boots. I […]


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