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A Girl and Her Tanks …. this is ‘The Big Red One’

Watched ‘The Big Red One’ last night.  If you love the movies like I do, you’ve got to see this. Visually, this film is a thing of real beauty.  Check out, for example, the scene that introduces Lee Marvin’s Nazi counterpart.  Not only is it gorgeous to look at, the guy hasn’t gotten to the […]

A mystery is solved.

I spoke with a friend the other day;  we haven’t seen each other since Los Angeles.  She’s moved to St Louis, so we talked about her new city (a great one, imo) and reminisced about the one we’d loved and left behind. I didn’t say much about Toronto.  It was a dark and rainy afternoon; […]

The lost blogpost is recovered!

This is Part 3 of ‘Goodbye Mr Clark, Thanks for the Shoes.”   Links to parts 1 & 2 appear at the end of this post.   Remember that scene in Aladdin where they find the hidden treasure? They sing.  They dance.  It’s a whole Busby Berkeley production. You wanna know what’s better? Being the first […]

WooHoo! We choose Our Favorite Canadian.

                      I keep running into Zombie Boy — and in the greatest places.  Recent encounters have been related to favorites like Thierry Mugler, a Lady Gaga video and, more generally, body art & mods and zombies. That’s right, I said it:  I’m pro-zombie.   Gaming readers […]

My bliss point? It’s at the intersection of Borderlands and Halloween.

People are fascinating.  They are jam-packed with stories and ideas and opinions.  Makes it real easy to make friends with them. But keeping those friendships alive is a lot harder.  At least for me.  I still haven’t figured it out.  What am I doing wrong?  And how to figure out what’s going wrong? I’ve consulted […]

LuckyGirl victorious following bitter 4-hour smackdown at Toronto’s AGO Member Room

LuckyGirl, seeking productive workspace for next month’s NaMoWriMo, arrived at Toronto’s AGO at exactly 11:00 this morning.  Having made her way thru the subway and streetcar system, she approached her destination with what can only be described as grit and determination.  There was writing to be done this day and, dammit, she was going to […]

The Good, the Bad, the Intolerable and the Inevitable.

As previously reported, I’ve accepted the NaNoWriMo Challenge.  This means I have to write an entire book in no more than 30 days.  The 30 days in which this will occur are, unlike so many things in life, actually set in stone.  (Okay, not stone, not literally.)  I cannot begin the book until November 1st […]

I wake up screaming.

I’m not kidding, I really did wake up screaming.  It happened just about 20 minutes ago.  And it wasn’t one of those low moaning semi-waking cries for help that sometimes happen when you’re running from zombies. This was, in Ting’s words, a full-on blood-curdling scream. My throat still hurts from the effort. Ting just came […]

A brief history of motorcycle girl-gear

Note:  the links and pics in this posting are off-line atm … will reload them this weekend…. Take a look at this photo and tell me what you see.  I can see three things. A gorgeous red Harley on the PCH. A set of nice Vanson leathers on LuckyGirl. An awful white helmet. Eeesh.  How […]

Kitty Grow-Lamp

  Was looking thru iPhoto tonight, hoping to find a picture of my sister & brother-in-law with their two dogs.  Along the way, I found this picture taken in our second Melbourne apartment. It is Watson, our Maine-Coon.  He is on his favorite pillow, a furry one named the Mother Pillow.  With Watson, atop the […]


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