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My bliss point? It’s at the intersection of Borderlands and Halloween.

People are fascinating.  They are jam-packed with stories and ideas and opinions.  Makes it real easy to make friends with them. But keeping those friendships alive is a lot harder.  At least for me.  I still haven’t figured it out.  What am I doing wrong?  And how to figure out what’s going wrong? I’ve consulted […]

Roman women got Roman numbers.

There are so many interesting things to think about.  How does anyone ever fall asleep? Well, I’m one lucky girl.  Every night the amazing TingTong reads to me.  Fifteen minutes is usually enough to free my mind of whatever thing I’ve been pondering.  It’s a bedtime 
sleight-of-hand, a misdirection that tricks my brain into letting […]

When you gotta carry stuff.

Those of you who know the magnificent TingTong will not be surprised to learn … /drumroll …  he sure does love himself some luggage. All kinds of luggage. Briefcases / Laptop Bags are the true Holy Grail.  He’s been on that quest for years, has purchased several dozen of the things, each time hoping, exchanging […]


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